This summer I had the pleasure of visiting my family as my nephew graduated from High School.  They live in Willis, Texas which is in eastern part of the state, but I managed to find some time to visit some friends in Austin, which is where I lived for 18 years before moving to Kentucky.

I was a Realtor with Keller Williams for a 10+ years with Keller Williams Williamson County.  And during that time I met some really great people in the real estate industry, including my former real estate coaches, Michael and Stacy Spikes of Realty Austin.  I have had an opportunity to visit them in their home prior and I knew they would have a very nice pad for me to take some portfolio shots.  So I called them up and told them I would be in town and if it was ok for me to shoot their pad and of course they said yes.  It gave us an opportunity to catch up while I took some photos of their condo.  I am always in awe of how cool Michael and Stacy are with their decor and lifestyle that I was extremely stoked to get to shoot it.

Below are the images that I took from that shoot.  This is one of my favorite things about shooting real estate photography…. you get to see the neatest places.