I had the pleasure of working with Donna Elder from Re/Max Creative Realty last week.  Donna gave me a call and said “Brandi, I have a listing that needs a makeover… Can you come take some fresh pictures?”  Absolutely is what I said.  Donna had great pictures for this listing that she had been marketing but she wanted fresh to bring some new eyes on the listing.

That is the beauty of having a professional photographer to shoot your listing and provide you with excellent real estate photography.  You are able to rebrand and bring more buyers, which ultimately increases your opportunity to sell the listing faster and for more money!

One of the things Donna wanted to achieve was to show the open space in the living room that flows into the dining room and then into the kitchen.  I was able to achieve this by using a wider lens than you can get just by shooting with your iphone or a regular point and shoot camera.

One of the services that comes with our premium photo package is a branded and non branded single page website.  Check out the branded version of 941 Winding Oak Trail, Lexington, KY listed by Donna Elder with Re/Max Creative Realty.