Here at Ky Real Estate Photography, we pride ourselves in being very relevant in the social media space.  Sometimes it can become overwhelming to know exactly what to do in order to maximize your business potential in any given social media medium.  We wanted to provide a resource to our Realtor clients that will give them step by step instructions on what to do to connect with potential clients on LinkedIn.  Feel free to download this infographic and share it or just save it for yourself!

We hope this resource helps you develop a plan of attack with LinkedIn.  We find LinkedIn to be a valuable tool in connecting with other professionals.  Tackle it in bite size pieces and do a little each day.  Before you know it your LinkedIn profile will be working for you and helping you connect with that next big deal!

We would love to hear from you!  Do you have something you struggle with in social media?  Drop us a line… we can help you find the resources you need!  And of course, we would love to be your #1 real estate photography company for the Central Kentucky area. Contact us by submitting your question below, so we can show you how you can get more listings and sell them for a higher price using professional photography in your listing marketing plan!


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