What you need to know about virtual staging

The use of technology is growing fast and this is also affecting the property industry as more and more people are now using the internet to search for property instead of the traditional way of doing things. The maximum use of technology in the real estate industry can greatly benefit both the estate brokers and customers. Using virtual staging, the brokers can advertise a home in the most reasonable way and still attract as many people as they can. Virtual staging also allows them to show property that people want. Moreover, the customers appreciate the photographs shared in the brokers’ site because they give them an idea of what the property could look like. The following gives more information about virtual staging;

What is virtual staging?

Virtual staging is technology that allows you to take digital photos of empty rooms and add designer couches, tables, rugs, lamps, tv’s, draperies and many other furniture items to make the home look fully furnished and much more appealing. Designers can also adjust the images by changing the flooring, upgrading kitchen units and change the colors of the wall to suit the potential needs the clients.

Virtual staging can not only be used for vacant homes, it can also allow you can move existing furniture out of a room for an empty photo. Virtual staging allows customers to picture how their potential home might look like and in this way they can be able to emotionally connect to the property.

Traditional staging can be pricy because you would have to rent the furniture, and in a market where extended sale time, this can add up greatly.  This is where virtual home staging becomes a better option. Virtual staging is a perfect compromise because it saves time, effort, energy and money. There is no excuse not to make use of it.

How do I use virtual staging for my business?

Virtual staging is very easy to use. All you have to do is hire me to shoot photographs of your listing, and I will digitally add couches, tables, beds, artwork and other furnishings based on the needs of your clients to bring the home to life. The photos are shared with clients though emails and/or internet listings, allowing the brokers to market their business.

Virtually staged homes are better than empty homes.  We can help you to create the best photographs for your property listings.  We promise to give you high quality, amazing, realistic and stunning photographs that will help your clients to see the potential of their new home. The use of virtual staging also brands you as the Realtor who goes above and beyond to help your clients, thus branding you as “the go-to” agent in the industry.

Let us help you showcase realistic homes to your customers/clients using professional photographs that have furniture and decorations set up that will make your clients feel like they are walking through the home without even being there in person.

Here we have an example of a empty room that has been virtually staged with beautiful furnishings.

Here we have an example of a room that had existing furniture in it.  We removed the existing furniture and added more of a modern sophisticated look to the room virtually.



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